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Hopewell Valley Girl Scouts

Membership Levels

Girl Scout Daisies:  Kindergarten through 1st Grade

Girl Scout Brownies:  2nd through 3rd Grade

Girl Scout Juniors:  4th through 5th Grade

Girl Scout Cadettes:  6th through 8th Grade

Girl Scout Seniors:  9th through 10th Grade

Girl Scout Ambassadors:  11th through 12th Grade

The Hopewell Valley service unit encompasses Hopewell, Penninton and Titusville. We primarily serve girls within the Hopewell Valley Regional School district.

Girl Scouts serves girls entering Kindergarten to 12th grade. We have 34 troops, and over 300 girls.


Girl Scouts was began in 1921 by Juliette Gordon Low, who envisioned an organization that would help girls develop courage, confidence and character. 


Hopewell Valley Girl Scouts is committed to realizing this vision by providing excellent programming and opportunities for girls to realize their potential. Girl Scouts is Girl-Led, allowing for girls to learn leadership skills first-hand. Girls are encouraged to seek challenges, learn from set-backs and develop a strong sense of self.

All girls are placed into troops, with girls of the same grade level. Girls also have opportunities throughout the year to participate in service unit activities, which combine multiple grade levels.

Look here for more information on what opportunities your girl might have and activities she might do if she joins Girl Scouts.

Join Us

Girl Scouting can truly be whatever you want it to be. You can use Girl Scouting as a way to explore your passion, and learn from fellow scouts about their passions! You can enjoying cooking, crafting, camping, and a host of other activities with other scouts. The only limit is your imagination.


There are openings in troops throughout the Hopewell Valley, as well as an opportunities for independent scouts, knows as "Juliettes."

Girl Scout troops are run by our dedicated volunteers. 

Girl Scout leaders build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. Leaders help girls discover themselves and guide girls by partnering with them as they take action using what they have learned in the Girl Scouts. 

Leaders are responsible for arranging meetings and programs, managing financials and assisting girls in discovering their goals.

Leaders chose the time, location and frequency of meetings. Their child is also guaranteed a spot in their troop.

Unable to commit to lead a troop? Consider volunteering as a Service Unit Volunteer!

As apart of our service unit, you can help run cookie sales, set up new events for local Girl Scouts to attend or write our monthly newsletter.

Have another idea how you can help out? Only want to help as a one-off? Contact us! 

We are always looking for guest speakers who can share their expertise or passion- for any topic! Let us know what you want to teach a Girl Scout!

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