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Guest Speakers

List of guest speakers who have offered to run workshop for Girl Scout Troops in Hopewell Valley. If you have interest in one of the speakers, please contact Roxanne or JoAnn Bush for contact details.

Joann Held                           Retired meteorologist,  could lead badge activities for sustainability, air pollution, and meteorology

Jennifer Nina Burghardt     Experienced with mushrooms - how to make paper from them, identify dangerous ones, etc,

Paul Morin                            When his daughters were GS, helped run workshop to teach girls how to use power tools, clear clogged pipe, and other household skills

Resources for Planning Meetings

Volunteer Toolkit

Visit the volunteer toolkit on GSCSNJ for plans for all the badges at your level.

Level Binders

You can also purchase binders for each level to view the badges and options on how to earn them. Our Service Unit also has binders available to borrow.


Note: Binders do not include all badges, you may need to purchase additional badge plans separately

Idea Directory

Check out the Hopewell Valley idea directory for a bunch of local resources, meeting plans and field trip ideas.

Online Resources

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