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What Do Girl Scouts Do?

Girl Scout troops are lead by volunteers who decide the meeting time, location and duration. Leaders work with the girls to decide on troop activities and field trips. Each troop is different because Girl Scouts is designed to be Girl-Led. This allows the program to be customized to meet the interests of the members of each troop.

Your Girl Scouts might go camping, learn about nature on a hike, make robots, do art projects, learn how to dance, visit a local farm or learn about their local community from a guest speaker. Our girls learn about entrepreneurship, opportunity cost and budgeting from selling cookies. They are also encouraged to give back to the community through community service projects.

Below is a sampling of the badges Girl Scout Daisies (K-1st) and Girl Scout Brownies (2nd-3rd) can earn. Girls can also attend Service Unit functions. You can find our current listing under Events. You can also view Past Events to see what our girls have recently done. Please also check out our Awards page to see the amazing community service projects older girls have designed and completed.

Also check out our Facebook page for more photos and information.


Daisy Petals

The Daisy Petals correspond to the lines of the Girl Scout Law.  Through earning these badges, Daisies learn how to embody the values that all Girl Scouts should have. Values such as to be: Considerate & Caring, Courageous & Strong and to Use Resources Wisely.


First Aid

Brownies earn their First Aid badge by:


#1 – Finding out How to Get Help from 911

#2 – Talking to Someone Who
Treats Injured People


#3 – Learning  How to Treat Minor Injuries

#4 – Innovating to Find Solutions

#5 – Knowing How to Prevent & Treat Outdoor Injuries

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