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Troop Donates to Sourland Conservancy

On 6/9, 9 girls from Brownie Troop 70155 completed their Take Action Project to finish their "Think Like an Engineer" journey. The girls decided to help the local bee population, by building mason bee houses.

The girls first screwed together boxes of cedar wood, sanded them and then filled them with cut bamboo strips. Bees will lay their eggs in the bamboo and protect their offspring by filling the tubes with mud.

This second grade troop will be donating the finished boxes to the Sourland Conservancy to aid them in their efforts of protecting the ecology of the sourland mountain region.

Many thanks to Natacha Smith & Tyler Steeg who kindly allowed the troop's leader to cut bamboo from their property last minute so the girls had enough for the project. 

A huge thank you also goes out to John McNay, for whom the project would not have been possible without. He spent hours cutting and stripping bamboo stalks, pre-cutting the wood & bamboo as well as pre-drilling holes to aid the scouts in their assembly.

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