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Scouting Day

Updated: Dec 28, 2017

On September 10th Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts joined forces to host an event to showcase scouting to the local community.

Girl and Boy Scouts joined forces to introduce the Hopewell Valley area to local scouting programs.

This was our first Hopewell Valley Scout Day and we were thrilled with the turnout. The children all had a chance to "sample scouting" - from camping to computers - and it also gave several of our current scouts a chance to showcase some of their work. As Hopewell Valley Girl Scouts, we are very proud of what our girls have accomplished, and can't wait to see what our new scouts do! -- Heidi Wilenius

Girl Scouts organized games and set up tents to bring the scouting experience to the event. Activities were on hand to begin earning official Girl Scout badges. Boy Scouts also brought knot tying.

Local firefighters came with a firetruck. The kids enjoyed being hosed down with the firetruck hose and snacking on watermelon and cookies.

Organizers hope to make this a yearly event to showcase scouting options to the local community.

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