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Robotics Day

On Sunday April 29th, the Robotics Team from Central High School visited Daisy Troop 70155. The team included members from 9-12th grade, one of whom was an Ambassador Girl Scout.  Troop 70155 is a Daisy Girl Scout troop, consisting of 10 first graders from 3 different elementary schools. The Daisies were having their first Robotics Day, in which they earned 3 robotics badges.  During their presentation the Robotics Team showed off their robot, which uses air propulsion to lift and throw large cubes. The team members pulled off the casing to show the Girl Scouts the mechanics of the system. They also demonstrated how they programmed and built the robot in a manner of weeks to specification for their competition season. Afterwards, each girl was instructed on how to drive the robot and received a special "Robot Driving License". During the extended meeting, the girls from Troop 70155 learned about what robots are, how they are programmed and created/programmed their own robots. The visit from the Robotics Team was an invaluable demonstration to deepen their understanding (and excitment!) of engineering and the world of robotics. A special thank you to all of the Robotic Team members and their faculty advisors (Michael Sullivan and Margarita Trujilo) for arranging the visit and putting together a wonderful program for the girls.

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