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Record Amount of Cornbread Donated

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Roxanne Clarke. Renee Richardson and I serve as the two Co-Service Unit Managers for the Hopewell Valley Girl Scouts (we have been described as the leaders of the leaders). As Co-Service Unit Managers, we are responsible for recruiting, supporting, and guiding a team of volunteers to deliver the Girl Scout experience to our local girls. We are proud to report we are more than 300 girls and 125 volunteers strong here in Hopewell Valley. After experiencing the tremendous generosity and enthusiasm for community service of our Girl Scouts, leaders, and their families, we had to post this.

The Hopewell Valley Girl Scouts have historically supported Tollgate Grammar School’s community-wide project to donate food for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK)'s Thanksgiving meal for their patrons. Each year, our girls bake hundreds of cornbread loaves and muffins; this year our girls baked 164 loaves/pans and 195 muffins. Some cornbread was baked in person, while some was baked over Zoom with leaders distributing ingredients to their girls beforehand. As we baked for TASK, we received a request from HomeFront to bake 200 loaves of cornbread for their families living in local hotels. Within a few hours of receiving the request, multiple leaders were signing up their troops and/or individual families to bake – many had already baked for TASK. Bags of corn meal and baking pans were handed out at our November leaders' meeting. On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we delivered 240 loaves of cornbread to HomeFront.

We are so very proud of our Hopewell Valley Girl Scouts, leaders, and families.

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