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Local Troop Learns Engineering

Over the past 4 years, Girl Scouts has been creating new STEM badges to encourage girls to take an interest in science.

Recently, a local troop began the "Think Like an Engineer" journey and worked on 3 engineering design challenges while meeting virtually.

First, girls designed paper structures that were able to hold up heavy books (much the way a bridge holds up cars). One girl got 27 hardback books on hers! Then, girls learned about emergency shelters and designed their own for a doll or a stuffed animal. Finally, girls designed structures that could withstand an earthquake. They tested those using a homemade seismic table.

Even virtually, girls in Hopewell Valley are still learning, bonding and doing community service. We hope to share more what the girls are doing over the next few months as Girl Scouts persists through COVID-19.

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