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Gold Award Earned By Local Girl Scout

Hopewell Valley Girl Scout Sarah has developed a fantastic Sourland Explorer Badge Program for her Gold Award project. The program is suitable for children ages 5-12 and is a great way to go on an adventure, while still socially distancing! The activity packet and all instructions can be found here.[0]=AT0ZF7qPCwH6vFTODXguuC4r7VBK9RukViRHVgeI-2_wEzaJG936FT4uFUcREuK4JcChz5FhHGxBHRt0IuAOtRnNG2Begu7MzFIgojJl1lnBY1gz3wLT44CTCgpPQobUSNJvCo2jUSR-_PgIygIqfQrOfqtE_yIC1ey8tYW9OO1jbOm3obRGVtmzBhAOEC94YZyNDEEO9lx836HrpJs8QfA

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