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Past Girl Scout Awards

Amanda Long & Quinn Merzena Silver

Made and collected items for Tabby's Place Cat Shelter.

Anna Lauricella's Gold Project

Woosamonsa Schoolhouse Wheelchair Ramp & Building Preservation

Diana Benford & Samantha Shaw Silver

Custom coloring books for local non-profits.

Sophia Noto's Silver Project

A learning book about Butterflies for use at the Watershed Institute

Kirsten Southall's Bronze Award

Bike Rack Construction at Kunkel Park

Isabel B., Iris L. & Wendi Z Bronze

SAVE- Fleece blankets for adopted cats

Anna H. & Rachel T. Bronze Award

Labyrinth Construction

Jaelyn Krin's Bronze Award

Pennington Fire Department- Thank You Kits

Anastasia Angarone's Bronze Award

Balloons Blow – Don’t Let Them Go!

HomeFront - Childhood Hunger

Natalie Leing's Bronze Award

Easel Animal Rescue League- Make Pet Supplies

Eliza McCleery's Silver Project

Hopewell Borough Hall Rain Garden

Maggie Cleveland's Bronze Project

St. Michael's Christmas Ferns

Sarah Cleveland's Silver Project

Caring Cookbook

Eliese Ottinger's Silver Project

Brandywine Senior Living Game Cabinet

Katie Cleveland's Gold Award

Beach Grass Planting

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