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Hopewell Valley Clean Up Day

Hopewell Valley Clean Up Day occurs twice annually- fall and spring. Typically in October and April.

It is a commitment of one or two hours one weekend, where girls help out their community by picking up a local space (such as a park or by a local road). Younger troops can request a low-traffic area, where safety from cars is not a concern.

For each person that participates (dads, siblings and other family/friends can help too) the troop gets paid a set amount. 

This is a great fundraiser as it requires little work from the leaders, promotes community service and is "easy money". Participants also get a free t-shirt.

On the date of the clean up,  Friends of Hopewell Valley will be at the Public Works building (the one with the solar panels)  on Route 546 at 8am-12pm.  All the supplies you need will be there: gloves, vests and garbage bags.  One leader should go to Public Works to pick up the supplies (and sign paperwork) and have the rest of the group meet you at your location.


Bag garbage and recyclables separately.  Bring the filled bags back to Public Works.  Garbage goes in the dumpster, recyclables along the curb next to the dumpster. If you get there after 12pm, all the supplies will be in the back of the township truck that will be parked there.  

If your troop in unavailable to meet on the Saturday, you are also permitted to clean up on the Sunday.

To reserve a spot and for any questions, please contact Beth Craighead  <

Fall Date:

October 19th, 2019

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